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A bridge between your church library and the public library.

As many of you already know, my mother, Clara Morgan, passed away in December of 2006. So this past year has been one of reflection to me.

One of the most significant influences she had on me as a child was to show me what a real reader is. It was her influence that made me a reader today. She never talked about reading – she was an example. She took me to the library every two to three weeks and she read on many subjects. Even today as I go through her things, I find her handwritten notes in the books she read.

When we came home from school, she would be sitting at the dining table, sometimes with an encyclopedia in front of her and a notepad and pen alongside, filling page after page with notes. She had dropped out of school because her family needed another breadwinner, so when we were small, she signed up for correspondence courses and then got her high school diploma from Lincoln Park High School. From there she went on to Wayne County Community College and got her associates degree.

What an inspiration! The Christian Library was started because we wanted to pass that example on. Do you have someone who encouraged you to become a reader? I’d love to hear your story. Books are such powerful tools in the education of a Christian.

Please note:

We are looking for a volunteer who knows how to link our database to the website. When that occurs, you will be able to access our card catalog from any computer.

You can now access the internet at the christian library for FREE if you are a member of the library.  Just call to make an appointment or come in during our regular hours.

Come in soon to borrow material—we look forward to seeing you.

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